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Issue 9 Coming Soon!

Real life had a part in the long delay between updates, but so did the unexpected success of Fan To Fan. We have mailed out countless megabytes of fanfic, and interest isn't flagging! We are working on updating FTF now - there will be new zines and fics listed. Our collection is huge, and growing, and we're getting it on file as quickly as we can. Keep those requests coming!

NOTICE: We have a new forum, just use the link below to comment on AS fic, FTF fic or whatever else you'd like that is SW-related.

Thanks for your patience! -- Lorrie and Melanie

The Fan to Fan site is being completely reworked and updated. It will be back online as soon as possible. Email us for any info or requests until then. Thank you.

Welcome to Another Sky

This is the only Star Wars print zine online in it's entirety, the oldest Luke zine, and the oldest Star Wars printzine, still in production.

Since 1991, Another Sky has been how we, as Luke fans, shared fiction about the character we loved with other fans.

Another Sky celebrates Luke Skywalker, the myth and the man.

We, the Editors, make no claim to own any fan work we have printed other than our own. We are merely part of a process that gives fan work done by fans, to fans who would enjoy it. That is the sole reason for the existence of a fan press. The presence of the work on this site does not prevent the writers and artists from disseminating their work elsewhere; in fact we encourage that. We believe that fanfiction was created to be read - not dead.

Every piece of fan work on this site was created for the enjoyment of other fans. Not certain fans, for a certain time, for a certain price, but for all fans. We published it with the understanding that the talented writers and artists who produced the work for, and gave it to, Star Wars fandom wanted it to go on giving pleasure to other fans. We have taken the opportunity that the Internet provides to continue that sharing without print and mail expenses that have kept Star Wars fanzines out of the reach of most fans. We want our zine to go on being read, so we will post all of our issues online.

There is something for every Luke fan here, and fans of the other film characters too. If you enjoy what you read on this site, please use our messageboard to tell others about it. Please keep all fiction poetry and art you may download from this site properly credited to its originators. Links to this site will be considered only if your site does not contain pornographic or "slash" fiction. We are always looking for contributors for future issues, but no slash or X-rated material ever has been, nor will it be, considered for inclusion in Another Sky.

While we do not presume to speak for the beliefs and ethics of individual contributors, the Editorial Staff of this zine and this website is Anti-Slash. We respect freedom of choice, andthat includes our freedom to reject slash or any other content for this privately owned site that we deem inappropriate.

No compromises. No apologies.

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

The Editors and contributors of Another Sky realize that, by offering our work to fandom, we have no control over its reproduction - in whole or in part. We only ask that, when you share these stories with friends, they are left intact. It is the wish of all who have worked to create Another Sky that those who enjoy these stories will continue to share them as we have-without profit. No permission has been given by, and no infringement of the exclusive rights of Lucasfilm LTD, George Lucas and/or Lucas Arts is implied, or presumed by anyone involved with this zine or website.